Paul McCartney at the bus stop on a Wirral street

Colin Newitt spoke to Paul about his old school

A Liverpool dad chatted to Paul McCartney about their old school after he spotted his hero at a bus stop.

Colin Newitt, 52, struck up a short conversation with the Beatles legend after his wife spotted him in the Heswall area.

Colin managed to have a brief chat with Paul on Saturday (September 25) afternoon as he drove his family from Parkgate back home to south Liverpool.

Colin said: “So we had been to Parkgate for a meal with our son Mason when I heard my wife shouting ‘look there’s Paul.’
“He had just got out of a car and we had stopped at the lights. I wound the window down and shouted ‘Paul.’
He shouted back ‘You alright.’
“I then told him that I went to the same school as him. He asked me which one and I said Liverpool Institute. He asked me who was my teacher and said I can’t remember but that Mr Parker was the head.
“The lights then changed and we had to go. I shouted ‘See ya’ and he waved goodbye.
“He had just got out of a car with his daughter Stella.”
Colin said that his family also shared another connection with the McCartney family.
He said: “My son Mason goes to Stella’s former fashion school St Martins in London. So we have two things in common with the McCartneys.”
Colin , who worked as a DJ for 35 years, said he is a life-long Beatles fan.
He said: “They have always been a massive band for me and I really enjoyed the Love album which re-mastered some of their famous songs.
“I think ‘In My Life’ is a favourite song and Macca has always been my favourite Beatle.”

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