“Fuh You” released as the second single from Egypt Station on 15th August, 2018.  The song was one of several co-written and produced with Ryan Tedder but the only one to make it on the album.  The song was released on streaming services and a lyric video was upload to YouTube. On 10th September, an official music video was uploaded to YouTube to promote the single.



According to Rolling Stone: “The black-and-white video opens with a teenage couple sharing a kiss on a front doorstep before the girl’s mother intrudes and sends the boy home. The enamored young protagonist then wanders the streets of Liverpool, singing and dancing along with “Fuh You” as he makes his way home.” ….. the young protagonist is Harry Wyatt (15) , here our conversation with Harry from Stockport in Manchester:



BEATLES MAGAZINE: Tell us your story. How did you pass the casting for the “Fuh You” McCartney video? Tell us about the film production team.

HARRY WYATT : I’ve been attending drama classes and drama workshops for around 3 years now, I’m with an agency called ‘The drama mob’ which is run by Coronations streets Tina O’brien. The agency emailed my mum with details for a music video audition with casting director ‘Nicci Topping’. We were on holiday at the time, our plane landed at 12pm and the audition was in Manchester at 4pm. I didn’t know which band or artist I was auditioning for at this point. In the audition we were sent in in pairs, I was paired up with a girl my age, we had a small script to learn and I had to kiss her a couple of times and had to react to certain situations. I was also asked if I would have my hair cut which of course I said yes. There were quite a lot of other kids there, so I just crossed my fingers and hoped for good news. The next day my agency called asking for more details and if I could do a Liverpool accent. I learnt a small script and sent off a self tape. I was then confirmed for the part and got a rehearsal date. We still didn’t know who the artist was, my mum said it might be Paul McCartney but then she said it can’t be him that would be too good to be true.



BM: Tell us about the rehearsal.

HW: The rehearsal was in Manchester where I met Simon Aboud.


BM:  Simon Aboud … son in law of Paul McCartney…

HW: Yes, he played me the song that the music video was for and told me I would be lip syncing it the whole way through for Paul Mccartney. My mum was so excited, I don’t think she could believe it.

The song was called Fuh you’ I liked it straight away. It was a really catchy song so was easy to learn. After listening to it a few times I went to the barber’s shop and got my hair shaved off, I had to have a number 2, a bit of a shock when I first looked in the mirror but I got use to it. I then met Shakira, the girl in the music video and we went through our scenes together. Filming took place the next day in Garston, Liverpool.



BM: Did you meet Paul McCartney during the video production?. Did you hear some comments from Paul concerning the video?

HW: The production team was ‘Annex films’ with director Simon Aboud. They really looked after me, they were all so friendly to work with. Paul wasn’t with us while we were filming but Simon passed me the phone and said someone wants to talk to you. It was Paul, we had a little chat, he thanked me for filling in for him and wished me luck with the filming. My mum couldn’t believe I actually talking to him, she even took a photograph of me on the phone. I was so lucky.



BM: Are you a Beatle fan?,  Do you listen to their music?. Which is you favoutite Beatles song and album?

My mum’s a Beatles fan so I already knew a few of their songs, we’ve also been to the Cavern Club in Liverpool a few times and we’ve crossed Abbey road in London. Some of the songs I like are Sgt peppers, penny lane and hey Jude. We’ve just bought the new white album and Egypt Station so I’ll be listening to them too.



HW: Last year you enjoyed  a McCartney concert … Did you meet Paul before the show?

Simon Aboud is an absolute legend. He contacted us with info to pick up three concert tickets to see Paul in Liverpool. This was going to be my first ever live concert. There was me, my mum and my big brother Daniel, when we arrived at the venue, we picked up the tickets from the box office. We opened the envelope and there were three VIP passes. This was amazing, we were greeted and shown to the VIP lounge. Just before the show was due to begin a lady came over to me and asked if I was Harry and I said yes. She then said Paul has asked to meet you so could you wait here when everyone starts to take their seats and I’ll come back for you. When everyone started to leave the VIP lounge the lady came back for us and said follow me. We went through a door and was told he would be out in a minute. I was going to take a few photographs with my phone but there was a photographer there, so I put my phone away. Paul came out and the first thing we said to each other was ‘Fuh you’ it was great, he’s so nice and so funny. We thanked him for everything, and my mum gave him a hug and a kiss then he met my brother Dan. We all had our photo took together which I’ve not seen yet but hoping it will turn up soon. My mum took the white album CD for him to sign incase we met him but she was that excited when we did she forgot to ask. After meeting him we took our seats which were on the lower tier at the side of the stage. Fantastic view, we could see everything.

BM:  And he played the song…  (Fuh You)…

HW: It was so surreal when ‘Fuh you’ came on, watching myself on the big screen. The people who were sat around us recognized me and started clapping and shaking my hand. The atmosphere was unreal. When the song finished Paul gave me a shout out, he found me in the crowd and said “good job man” I could see myself on the big screens waving back at him. Then everyone in the arena started clapping me, it was the best feeling ever. The whole concert was the best from start to finish. I was the luckiest lad ever that night and for my first concert I don’t think it will ever be beaten.

BM: What are your plans for the future?

HW: My hopes for the future will be to continue with my drama classes, work towards tv and film roles and fingers crossed I get to work with Paul himself one day.

(From Harry’s mum… Jennifer Wyatt):

I saw Paul McCartney live in concert at Liverpool docks in 1990 almost 30 years ago.  I queued up early hours to get to the front.  It was worth the long wait as I ended up on the front row.  I could even feel the fireworks on my face when live and let die came on.   Who’d of thought then, that in 30 year’s time my son will be in a Paul McCartney music video, he’ll speak to him on the phone, we’ll meet him back stage, I’ll watch my son on the big screen which has been shown all over the world and then i’d witness thousands of people in Liverpool arena cheering and clapping him after Paul searched for him in the crowd.   It’s almost unbelievable, I can’t thank Paul and Simon enough. Amazing experience for Harry, me and his brother Dan… We Loved every second.

Paul and Harry:

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