City Of Hope is putting together an online auction that will include a number of different components. The auction began in early August and has featured items from different celebrities like The Beatles ( The Beatles on Yellow:This 1967 photo taken during the Sgt. Pepper album photo sessions captures the band as they were about to change the world.” The Beatles on Airstairs; artwork by Thomas Hussung) Led Zeppelin, Rollig Stones, Elvis,and Bob Dylan.

“City of Hope’s mission of treating and eventually curing life-threatening disease is more vital now than ever. Globe Photos is proud to provide City of Hope access to our archive to present the MFEI Icon Collection, the images we’ve included are nothing short of a remarkable document of rock ’n’ roll history. The MFEI Icon Collection allows music and fine art fans the ability to take home indelible moments in time while literally extending and saving lives.” said Klaus Moeller, CEO, Globe Entertainment and Media Corp.

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