In a recent interview with Jonesy’s Jukebox, former The Beatles producer Eddie Kramer has revealed a story about one the recording sessions of The Beatles song.

Here’s the story:
“I was very lucky to work with The Beatles. I did ‘All You Need Is Love’ and ‘Baby, You’re a Rich Man,’ which was really a lot of fun. Want a story?”
“We actually recorded another song. My boss Keith Grant, who was the chief engineer at Olympic, one night we got a call, ‘The Beatles are coming in.’ We’re all shaking because you know, royalty, and they’re actually in doing, helping The Stones with backup vocals.
In those days, bands just used to do that, hang out. There was no competition, it was just camaraderies, but when The Beatles came in to do a session it’s like, ‘Okay.’ So we did a song called ‘Baby You’re a Rich Man’ – started at 7, finished at midnight, maybe a bit later than that, the whole thing. Recorded it, dubbed it, mixed it.

Next time they called, they couldn’t get into Abbey Road and I got the call to do the session, and that was going to be for ‘All You Need Is Love.’ And the story goes that John [Lennon] comes into the control room and he’s got his guitar, he sits next to me and he starts playing.

George Martin [producer] walks out into the studio, fortunately, there was a harpsichord sitting on the floor of the studio – ‘I’ll play this.’ He sits down, Paul McCartney walks out and sees a bass lying on the floor, picks it up, George on guitar, ‘Right, you ready?’.
I press record, and John is sitting next to me, he’s singing into this tiny microphone which is the talkback mic for the studio. We get to the end and he says, ‘Right, everybody come in.’ So everybody files in, we’re all listening, everybody turns to show, ‘Alright, lads. Fine, thank you very much, good night.’ That’s it.”


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